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    【Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier】:Water molecules are decomposed into 0.1-5 micron diameter nanoscale cold fog, By high-frequency electronic oscillation generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment allowing the aroma to float in the air, Producing a lot of active oxygen anion. 【Flame Night Lights】Powerful LED lights glow at the bottom of the fog, […]

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    Function: Aromatherapy Classification: Humidification Color: Deep wood grain, Light wood grain Size: 10cm (diameter) Features 1: Electric Aromatherapy Humidifier Features 2: Air Purifier, Aroma Diffuser Features 3: Diffuser Essential Oils Light button LIGHT Press the first click: the lights are constantly colorful (red, orange, yellow, green,Cyan, blue, purple, white, red cycles) Press the second time: the light […]