Aqara Door Window Sensor


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Product Parameters:
Product material: PC
Product model: MCCGQ13LM
Communication distance: 30m (indoor)
Wireless link: Zigbee 3.0
Battery capacity: 1400 mAh
Battery type: CR123A
Battery life: 5 years
Product Size:
Main body: 77x22x22mm
Sub-body: 36×11.6×11.4mm
Sheet magnet: 18x10x2mm

1. This smart Device can work with Aqara Home APP and Homekit, it doesn’t work with Mi Home APP.
2. Please change the region of Aqara Home APP to “China” first when connect.
3. It must connect with AQARA E1, AQARA M1S, AQARA M2, Air Conditioning Companion P3, Smart Camera G3 (Gateway Version)

The door and window sensor P1 senses the opening and closing status of doors and windows in real time and records the opening and closing information via the mobile app. By setting the door and window open/close linkage, scenarios such as opening the door and lighting the door, closing the window and turning on the fresh air system can be realized.

The door and window sensor P1 features low-power sensor technology and a large 1400mAh battery for up to 5 years of battery life.

If you’re worried about your doors, windows or drawers being opened, you can check them anywhere, anytime via the mobile app, so you can rest assured when you’re out and about.

Connected control of HomeKit-enabled products from around the world to create even richer smart living scenarios.

When the security mode is switched on, it instantly detects when there is a break-in, abnormal opening and closing of doors and windows, and links the gateway to alert you, turning on the smart camera to capture video and send it to your mobile phone.

Push open the door and the light slowly comes on. No matter how late it is, there is always a light waiting for you.

With the windows pushed open and the new air conditioner on standby, the Enthusiastic House is just waiting for the spring breeze to warm it up.

The window and door sensor P1 has been upgraded with an adjustable installation distance for more flexible window and door opening detection and is suitable for most windows and doors on the market.

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Aqara Door Window Sensor

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