12in Selfie Ring Light


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Led Selfie Ring Light

1) 10 Brightness modes.

2) 15 RGB Colors, 15 dynamic modes, and white light, warm light, soft light.

3) Adjustable Tripod suit for universal high, and very stable .

4) With the studio to fill the light photo, portrait self-timer fill light .

5) Photo studio ring led light USB plug fill light .

6) Suitable for many social, such as making up, Video Live, studio light, Photography.

Item name: RGB Selfie Ring Light

Charging: USB plug

Type: Ring light with stand / ring lamp for makeup

Adjustable Tripod: 50cm/110cm/160cm/200cm, 12cm/15cm Desktop Mini stand, 70cm long ram.

Light size: 12 inch / 10 inch

Light dynamic modes: 15 modes

Light color: (RGB)White light, Warm light, Soft light, Light Yellow, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Skyblue, Skyblue, Light Blue, Blue, Light Pink, Pink, Light Purple, Purple, Light Red, Red.

Material : Aluminum+PC

Dimming range: 10%-100%

Color temperature: 2600K-6000K

Light Source: High quality LED SMD

LED Bulbs: 168 pcs leds

Using: Product/ advertisement Photography, direct lamp fill beauty light, Makeup Video Live Studio

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12in Selfie Ring Light

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