Type C Hub Docking Station


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Note: There are 12 model options, different models with different interfaces and appearances, and every model has three colors (Grey, Silver and Gold). Please choose suitable model before purchase:

1. Grey 5in1 30Hz PD60 : USB-A*1(5Gbps) + USB-A*2(480Mbps)+ PD60W*1+HDMI-compatible*1(4K@30Hz)
2. Grey 6in1 30Hz PD100 : USB-A*3(5Gbps)+ USB-C*1(5Gbps) +PD100W*1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@30Hz)
3. Grey 10in1 30Hz AUD : USB-A*3(5Gbps) + 3.5mm*1 + SD&TF*1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@30Hz)+ VGA*1 +RJ45(GigE)*1 +PD100W*1
4. Grey 6in1 30Hz RJ45 : USB-A*3(5Gbps) + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@30Hz)+ RJ45(GigE)*1 + PD100W*1
5. Grey 6in1 60Hz RJ45 : USB-A*2(5Gbps) + USB-C*1(5Gbps) + PD100W*1 + HDMI*1(4K@60Hz) + RJ45(GigE)*1
6. Grey 9in1 30Hz VGA : USB-A*3(5Gbps) + SD&TF*1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@30Hz)+ VGA*1(1080P) + RJ45(GigE)*1 + PD100W*1
7. Grey 8in1 60Hz SD : USB-A*3(5Gbps) + PD100W *1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@60Hz) + SD&TF*1(USB2.0)+ RJ45(GigE)*1
8. Grey 8in1 60Hz VGA : USB-A*2(5Gbps) + USB-A*1(480MBps) + USB-C*1(5Gbps)+ PD100W*1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@60Hz) + VGA*1(1080P@60Hz)+ RJ45(GigE)*1
9. Grey 8in1 60Hz AUD : USB-A*2(5Gbps) + PD100W *1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@60Hz) + SD&TF*1(USB2.0) + RJ45(GigE)*1 +3.5mm*1
10. GY 6-1 30Hz 2.5GRJ45 : USB-A*3(5Gbps) + PD100W*1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@30Hz) + RJ45(2.5G)*1
11. GY 6-1 60Hz 2.5GRJ45 : USB-A*2(5Gbps) + USB-C*1(5Gbps) + PD100W*1 + HDMI-compatible*1(4K@60Hz) +RJ45(2.5G)*1
12. Grey 9in1 PD100 SD : USB-C*1(5Gbps)+ USB-A*2(5Gbps) + SD&TF*1 + 3.5mm*1 + RJ45(2.5G)*1 + PD100*1

Faster and More Powerful

Type-C Docking Station

HDMI-compatible Port for 4K UHD Visual Feast

Mirror or extend your screen with ORICO USB C to HDMI-compatible adapter to directly stream 4K UHD, Full HD 1080p, or 3D video to HDTV, monitor, or projector. You could not only enjoy movies with your family on a bigger screen, but also make a vivid presentation in a meeting.

5Gbps Super speed Data Transfer

This USB C to USB adapter adds extra USB 3.0 ports for connecting multiple USB peripheral devices such as flash drives, hard drives, keyboards, mice, printers, MP3 players and more. Supports super faster data transfer up to 5Gbps, which allows you to transfer HD movies or files in just seconds.

Wide Compatibility

The usb c to usb adapter is compatible with almost USB-C devices such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook M1, M2, iMac, iPad Pro, Chromebook, Surface, Dell, HP, etc.

Sleek Aluminum Design

ORICO USB Docking Station adapter is compatible with Mac and has a sleek aluminum finish perfectly complements Apple devices. The aluminum case is also better for heat dissipation, making this USB C adapter safer to use.

Reading SD/TF Cards

Built-in SD and TF slots easily access files from universal SD card and Micro SD cards; this USB C Hub easily transfers photos or videos from your camera’ cards to the laptop in seconds, so you can see and share your photos anywhere and anytime.

Compact and Easy to Use

Compact and lightweight, allows you to expand your laptop’s capabilities while on the go. No need for a drive, just plug and play.

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GD 6-1 30Hz 2.5GRJ45, GD 6-1 60Hz 2.5GRJ45, Gold 10in1 30Hz AUD, Gold 5in1 30Hz PD60W, Gold 6in1 30Hz PD100, Gold 6in1 30Hz RJ45, Gold 6in1 60Hz RJ45, Gold 8in1 60Hz AUD, Gold 8in1 60Hz SD, Gold 8in1 60Hz VGA, Gold 9in1 30Hz VGA, Gold 9in1 PD100 SD, Grey 10in1 30Hz AUD, Grey 5in1 30Hz PD60, Grey 6in1 30Hz PD100, Grey 6in1 30Hz RJ45, Grey 6in1 60Hz RJ45, Grey 8in1 60Hz AUD, Grey 8in1 60Hz SD, Grey 8in1 60Hz VGA, Grey 9in1 30Hz VGA, Grey 9in1 PD100 SD, GY 6-1 30Hz 2.5GRJ45, GY 6-1 60Hz 2.5GRJ45, Silver 10in1 30HzAUD, Silver 5in1 30HzPD60, Silver 6in1 30HzRJ45, Silver 6in1 60HzRJ45, Silver 8in1 60Hz AUD, Silver 8in1 60Hz SD, Silver 8in1 60Hz VGA, Silver 9in1 30Hz VGA, Silver 9in1 PD100 SD, Silver6in1 30HzPD100, SV 6-1 30Hz 2.5GRJ45, SV 6-1 60Hz 2.5GRJ45

Type C Hub Docking Station

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