LED Quicksand Painting Hourglass Table Lamp


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Introducing the LED Quicksand Painting Hourglass Table Lamp, a mesmerizing and innovative lighting piece that combines the beauty of an hourglass with the enchantment of LED technology. This lamp is a captivating addition to any space, bringing a sense of wonder and sophistication to your home or office.

The standout feature of this table lamp is the LED quicksand painting enclosed within the structure. The quicksand painting consists of shimmering, colorful particles that gracefully cascade and flow, creating a mesmerizing visual display. The LED lights illuminate the particles, enhancing their beauty and creating a soothing and enchanting ambiance.

[Key type] The button controls the switch of the light; the three light colors can be switched, and the brightness cannot be adjusted.

[Remote control mode] The remote control and buttons control the light switch; switch the light color and adjust the brightness.

Note: The plug of this product is a Chinese plug. After placing the order, a conversion plug will be configured according to the US. If there is any problems when you receive the order, please take a video when unpacking the your order and send to us. We will correct the issue asap.

The remote takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included. The button type can switch three levels to adjust the brightness, the first level is 25%, the second level is 50%, and the third level is 100%.

Power switch: button type, remote control type (self-provided 2 AAA batteries)Warmly reveal: The remote control is Chinese.

Reminder: Only the semi-circular rotating style of this product can be rotated 360 degrees, other styles cannot.

Package list: 1*LED quicksand painting, 1*remote control, 1*conversion plug. Syringe and battery are not included (cause of export restrictions)


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Black Moon-Black, Black Moon-Blue, Black Moon-Green, Black Moon-Purple, Black Moon-Red, Black round-Black, Black round-Blue, Black round-Green, Black round-Purple, Black round-Red, Black spin-Black, Black spin-Blue, Black spin-Green, Black spin-Purple, Black spin-Red, White Moon-Black, White Moon-Blue, White Moon-Green, White Moon-Purple, White Moon-Red, White round-Black, White round-Blue, White round-Green, White round-Purple, White round-Red, White spin-Black, White spin-Blue, White spin-Green, White spin-Purple, White spin-Red


Power switch button, Remote control

LED Quicksand Painting Hourglass Table Lamp

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