Portable Projector Floor Stand


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3 in 1 Projector Stand: Equipped with two adjustable trays and a gooseneck phone holder, enjoy the versatility of mounting combination of projector and laptop. Or find the right place for your wrist keeps you in correct body postures to prevent wrist pain and injury from bad postures.
Easy to Move: 3 silent swivel wheels make rolling and maneuvering this projector stand a breeze. Each wheel has a separate brake, ready to secure your setup in place. Kindly Note: Detachable design can be removed when not needed.
Fully Adjustable: Height can be adjusted from 25.9” to 51.8” with the top tray able to tilt up to 90° in both directions conveniently and the bottom tray able to adjust in height. Hits all the right viewing angles so you and your guests can watch in comfort.
Multifunctional Stand: It is made of rugged and durable metal. The bottom is a reinforced tripod structure, which provides excellent stability. The top tray max load 11.1 pounds, so more than just projector, feel free to put a notes book or tablet or laptop or sheet music on the tray.
Order with No Risk: Come with supporting lip, sponge gasket, and elastic belt of the tray can better ensure the safety of the equipment. And any problems with our laptop tripod within 30 days, replacement or refund will be provided.

90CM Package Listing

1*102cm Projector Stand
1*Phone Hose Clip

145CM Package Listing

1*145cm Projector Stand
2*Phone Hose Clip

125CM Package Listing

1*138cm Projector Stand
2*Phone Hose Clip

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125CM, 145CM, 90CM

Portable Projector Floor Stand

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