Ultra HD 4K Underwater Helmet Action Camera


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Ultra HD 4K/60fps 24MP WiFi 2″ 170D Underwater 30M Helmet Action Camera With 386 Fisheye Lens

  • Video Resolution: 24MP
  • Display Screen: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Wideangle: 170°
  • Memory Card Support: 128G
  • WIFI Support: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 900maH
  • Remote Control Support: Yes
  • Display Size: 2.0″
  • Memory Card Type: MicroSD / TF
  • Compression format: H.264
  • Video resolution: 4k (3840 * 2160) 60FPS 2K (2560 * 1440) 30 fps 1080P/720P
  • Lens: Sony 386 Lens + 6G fisheye lens

Product Options

■Option1=1PCS Camera(Include Standard accessories)= Standard.
■Option2=Option1+ 64GB Card (U3 V30)
■Option3=Option1+ Charger + Battery
■Option4=Option1+ Charger + Battery+ 64GB Card (U3 V30)
■Option5=Option1+ 128GB Card (U3 V30)
■Option6=Option1+ Charger + Battery + 128GB Card (U3 V30)

Order “Option 3/4/6” Must Know

1. “Option 3/4/6” with external lithium battery is aviation Class 9 dangerous goods, and there is about 5-10% uncertainty in normal shipment (only a few countries/airlines have restrictions).
2. Option 3/4/6 is transported 1-2 times according to “battery+charger”. If the package is returned and cannot pass the security check, we will use “microphone” instead of “battery+charger” to ship.
3. The price of “microphone” is about $6.00 higher than that of “900MAH battery+charger”, which is free ❤️ For you.
4. If you order “Option 3/4/6”, it means that you accept the above delivery terms by default.

Large Capacity 1050mAh 1350mAh Battery Ordering

Lithium batteries ordered separately will be shipped separately via special transportation channels

Options 1, 2, 5 – Power Solution

■The camera supports Micro USB cable to connect PC, mobile power bank and DC (5V 0.5-3A) to realize power supply or charging, and the camera can work normally at the same time (taking photos, taking videos, etc.).


Product Parameter

2.COMS sensor:Sony386 +6 Glass fisheye lens
3.LENS:170 Degree lens
4.Display screen:LCD
5.Screen size:2.0 ”
7.Video resolution:4K (3840 * 2160) 60FPS/4K (3840 * 1960)30FPS/2.7K (2560 * 1440) 30 fps/1920 * 1080 120fps/1280 * 720 240 frames/sec
8.Anti shake: six axis gyroscope anti shake,EIS supports 4K30FPS, 2.7K30FPS, 1080P60/30FPS video
9.Support:Remote control function/HDMI/Interval recording/Loop recording/Time-lapse video/Instant photography/Continuous shooting mode/Timed screenshot/Time watermark/Video Introduction/Motion detection
10. Built-in microphone:A built-in 、Built-in speaker、Support external microphone
11.Video format:MP4
12.Memory card: support 4-128GB
13.Compression format:H.264
14.Battery capacity:900maH
15.Product size:59 * 41 * 22.7mm
16.Language Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese multi-language support


Ultra HD 4K/60fps 24MP WiFi Sports Camera

●2″HD LCD ● Ultra HD 4K/60FPS ●30M Diving Depth ●900mA Battery ●24.0 Megapixel ●Multi Language Operation ●170 wide angle lens●WiFi Function●EIS

Allwinner V316 Chipset +Sony IMX386 Sensor

●CPU: Allwinner V316 Chipset Real 4K 60fps.
●Sensor: Sony IMX386
●Structure: F2.0,F2.68mm,6 layer glass lens.
●Angle: Level 155″/diagonal 170°.

Wonderful 4K/60FPS Enjoy Constantly

●High-definition optical glass lens, F2.0 large aperture,everything is in sight.
●Video resolution:4K (3840 * 2160) 60FPS/4K (3840 * 1960)30FPS/2.7K (2560 * 1440) 30 fps/1920 * 1080 120fps/1280 * 720 240 frames/sec

24.0MP HD Resolution

●High-definition optical glass lens, F2.0 large aperture,everything is in sight.

4x Digital Zoom

●Lossless zoom can be achieved. Easily achieve zoom from 1x to 4x

6-Axis Anti-Shake(Electronic image stabilization)

●Built-in advanced 6-axis electronic image stabilization(EIS),Adopts 6-axis anti-shake technology to deliver steady and smooth videos,that ensures excellent experience in up to 4K resolution.
●EIS supports 4K30FPS, 2.7K30FPS, 1080P60/30FPS video
EIS does not support 4K60FPS, 1080P120FPS, 720P240/120/60/30FPS videos. In this mode, DDR 4G is used to shoot high-definition videos or slow motion photography.

170D Wide Angle Distortionless

●170D wide angle, enlarged field of vision, clear imaging and upgraded texture

Lens Distortion Correction

●Remove the fisheye effect and restore the real world in your eyes.
●Distortion correction is not supported under 4K60FPS video mode, and it is not supported under the premise that EIS (electronic anti shake) has been turned on under 4K30FPS mode;
●When EIS (electronic anti shake) is turned off in 4K30FPS mode, distortion correction is supported.


●You can download “XDV PRO” in the APP Store and Google Play, after connecting to WIFI,
you can remotely control and set the action camera.

Remote Control

●The remote control that supports 2. 4GHz can make your hands completely free.it allows you to control the camera from a distance
📷Photo Taking
📹Video Recording

Car DVR Record Mode

■The camera with car mode to solve car video record problem.The best setting is 1080P 60fps / looping Record.

Works As Webcam

■The action camera can be used as a web camera through the USB cable connected, and play driver free.

2” IPS HD Large Color Screen

●It can easily present wonderful pictures and videos, realistic and delicate.

Deep Waterproof 30M

●Special waterproof shell, durable and anti drop. support underwater 30 meters shooting

Operation Menu Supports Multiple Languages:

◾Simplified Chinese ◾Traditional Chinese, ◾ English ◾Japanese ◾Korean ◾Russian, ◾German ◾French ◾Italian ◾Spanish ◾ Portuguese ◾Thai ◾ Vietnamese

External Microphone Optional:

■This camera supports external microphone. If necessary, please click Add to shopping cart:

Multi Mode Shooting

●Delay shooting
●Slow motion photography
● camera timer
● High speed serial shooting

Product User Manual

Additional information


Option 1 Standard, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5, Option 6

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Ultra HD 4K Underwater Helmet Action Camera

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