Aqara Mini Wireless 3-way Control Smart Home


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The Aqara smart wireless switch is a simple and portable one button device. However, it can control many Xiaomi smart devices. Featuring ZigBee wireless connection, this smart switch can be used as doorbell, toggle button, remote controller, etc. via the ”Mi Home” APP. It is very convenient for you to use. What is more, The adhesive on its backside and the small size enable it to put or stick on anywhere.

1. one key for 4 control ways: Click, double click, long press, shake
2. anti-UV material, more beautiful and durable
3. battery for 2 years lifespan, don’t need to replace battery frequently
Features :
* One key to control
* Before sleeping: one button to turn off all the appliances
* Waking up at night: one button to turn on the nightlight
* When going out: one key to control household appliances
* Can be used as emergency call button
* Defending and withdrawing defense
* Working temperature: -10 – 60 Deg.C
* Working humidity: 0 – 95pct RH
* Built-in 1pc CR2032 cell battery
* Please download APP ”Mi Home” from Apple Store or Google Play
* Portable, small size, easy to install

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3 switches- 1 piece, 3 switches- 2 pieces, 3 switches- 3 pieces, 3 switches- 4 pieces, 4 switches- 1 piece, Aqara hub with alarm

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Aqara Mini Wireless 3-way Control Smart Home

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