Smart WiFi Candle Shaped Light Bulb


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【WiFi】Our E14 smart bulbs are compatible with Alexa Echo / Google Home/Yandex Alice.You can control your bulbs via WiFi. -Use Tuya App / Smart Life App controls.

【Adjustable brightness】The brightness of the light can be changed according to yourself.Brightness 0-100% adjustable.

【Warm Cold RGB light changes】 DIY color: white light and warm color, 3000-6000K color temperature adjustable.16 million colors RGBCW full color adjustable, can be easily changed according to your mood. Change any room into a dance floor, or create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It can also be changed to white light, warm light, warm white light and so on.

【Timer/Schedule】 Set the light to turn on/off at a specific time, just like you can set the cycle time (24 hours), the light will automatically turn on and off every day.

【Scene and Music sync】The default scene of the APP changes, you can also edit your own scene and customize the color change. There is music synchronization, you can open the music APP on your mobile phone, and smart life APP automatically captures the rhythm changes, so as to realize the rhythm changes of the light and the music.

【Voice control】 You can control the light on/off, color, and brightness through Alexa/Google/Alice voice. Example: “Alexa, turn the light to blue.”–“OK!”

【Group and Sharing】

Share bulb control with family and friends to control the lights together.

You can set up a group for the bulbs, you can control the bulbs at the same time


Communication method: WiFi & Bluetooth

Lamp holder: E14

Input voltage: AC100-240V AC

Power: 5W

Color temperature: 3000-6000K

Color: RGB C W

Size: 37*37*105mm

APP: TUYA Smart/ Smart Life APP

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Emitting Color

WiFi, ZigBee

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Smart WiFi Candle Shaped Light Bulb

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